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Bella Vista Suites, Qawra, Malta
Qawra Coast Road, Qawra, SPB 1908

per night
~9.398496 €

The Pergola,
Appartment, 1Erw.129425118
Appartment, 1Erw., Meerblick2210635130
Appartment, 2 Schlafzimmer, Meerblick51126102222
Appartment, 2Erw.3210058148
Appartment, 2Erw., Meerblick98112136160
Appartment, 3Erw.2810866180
Appartment, 3Erw., Meerblick4612084192
Appartment, 4Erw.3711489210
Bungalow, 1Erw.717890102
Bungalow, 2Erw.7084108132
Bungalow, 3Erw.7091127163
Doppelzimmer, 1Erw.11202434
Doppelzimmer, 1Erw., Meerblick122464
Doppelzimmer, 2Erw.19294257
Doppelzimmer, 3Erw.28446486
Doppelzimmer, 3Erw., Meerblick3472184
Einzelzimmer, Superior, 1Erw.14202634
Studio, 1Erw.1427
Studio, 3Erw.3270

per night
Appartment, 1Erw.617990
Appartment, 1Erw., Meerblick1831
Appartment, 2 Schlafzimmer, Meerblick4597
Appartment, 3Erw.129183216
Appartment, 3Erw., Meerblick4079
Appartment, 4Erw.132204248
Bungalow, 1Erw.8289102114
Bungalow, 2Erw.8296122146
Bungalow, 3Erw.81102141177
Bungalow, 4Erw.81109161209
Doppelzimmer, 1Erw.12202534
Doppelzimmer, 1Erw., Meerblick587687
Doppelzimmer, 1Erw.+1Kind, Meerblick83101112
Doppelzimmer, 1Erw.+Kind2033
Doppelzimmer, 2Erw.20314458
Doppelzimmer, 3Erw.32486789
Doppelzimmer, 3Erw., Meerblick159213246
Doppelzimmer, 4Erw.436491120
Doppelzimmer, 4Erw., Meerblick200272316
Doppelzimmer, Superior, 1Erw.18243037
Doppelzimmer, Superior, 2Erw.27375065
Doppelzimmer, Superior, 3Erw.37537394
Doppelzimmer, Superior, 4Erw.517298127
Einzelzimmer, Superior, 1Erw.15202734
Juniorsuite, 1Erw.18263139
Juniorsuite, 1Erw., Meerblick617990
Juniorsuite, 2Erw.29405368
Juniorsuite, 3Erw.41567698
Juniorsuite, 3Erw., Meerblick165219252
Juniorsuite, 4Erw.5677103132
Juniorsuite, Superior, 2Erw.33445771
Studio, 1Erw.30354149
Studio, 2Erw.31415469
Studio, 3Erw.32486890
Studio, 4Erw.486995124
Suite, 1Erw.2033
Suite, 3Erw.5695

per night
Euroclub Hotel, St Paul's Bay, Malta
Il-Fliegu Street, St Paul's Bay, SPB 1402

Airport shuttleFree ParkingFree InternetNo Smoking RoomsSwimming pool

per night
~12.21805 €

Inhawi Boutique Hostel, St Julian's, Malta
Triq Telghet San Giljan, St Julian's, STJ 1015

Airport shuttleFree ParkingHandicapped RoomsFree InternetNo Smoking RoomsSwimming pool

per night
~12.21805 €

Primera Hotel, St Paul's Bay, Malta
Pioneer Road, St Paul's Bay, SPB2447

Free ParkingNo Smoking RoomsSwimming pool

per night
~12.21805 €

White Dolphin Holiday Complex

Appartment, 1Erw.1329
Appartment, 3Erw.3381
Appartment, 4Erw.37101
Studio, 1Erw.4763
Studio, 3Erw.107155

per night
Carlton Hotel, Sliema, Malta
Tower Road 261, Sliema, SLM 1600

Free InternetNo Smoking RoomsSwimming pool

per night
~14.09774 €

Xrobb L-Ghagin Hostel, Marsaxlokk, Malta
Xrobb L-Ghagin Nature Park And Sustainable Development Centre, Marsaxlokk, MXK 4080

Airport shuttleFree ParkingFree InternetNo Smoking Rooms

per night
~14.09774 €

Blubay Hotel & Apartments, Il Gzira, Malta
50 Sir F Ponsonby Street, Il Gzira, GZR 1071

Airport shuttleFree InternetNo Smoking RoomsPets allowedSwimming pool

per night
~14.09774 €

Imperial Hotel, Sliema, Malta
1 Rudolph Street, Sliema, SLM 1279

Airport shuttleFree ParkingFree InternetNo Smoking RoomsSwimming pool

per night
~14.09774 €

Doppelzimmer, 1Erw.3244
Doppelzimmer, 1Erw., Meerblick1426
Doppelzimmer, 1Erw.+Kind4657
Doppelzimmer, 2Erw.6488
Doppelzimmer, 3Erw.86122
Doppelzimmer, 3Erw., Meerblick3975

per night
Porto Azzurro Aparthotel, St Paul's Bay, Malta
Ridott Street, St Paul's Bay, SPB 4042

Airport shuttleFree ParkingNo Smoking RoomsSwimming pool

per night
~15.03759 €

Ambassador Hotel, St Paul's Bay, Malta
Shipwreck Promenade, St Paul's Bay, SPB 2027

Free ParkingNo Smoking RoomsSwimming pool

per night
~15.03759 €

St. Julian's Bay Hotel, St Julian's, Malta
48 Main Street, St Julian's, STJ 1017

Airport shuttleFree InternetNo Smoking Rooms

per night
~15.03759 €

Beach Garden Hotel, St Julian's, Malta
St. George's Bay, St Julian's, STJ 3302

Airport shuttleFree InternetNo Smoking RoomsSwimming pool

per night
~15.03759 €

Doppelzimmer mit Zustellbett, 3Erw.19
Doppelzimmer, 1Erw.15
Doppelzimmer, 1Erw., Meerblick16
Doppelzimmer, 1Erw.+1Kind, Meerblick56
Doppelzimmer, 3Erw.74

per night
Easyroom at Shamrock, Bugibba, Malta
J. Quintinus Street 137, Bugibba, SPB 1300

Airport shuttleFree InternetNo Smoking RoomsSwimming pool

per night
~15.97744 €

Isola del Mar Home, Il Gzira, Malta
Triq Henry F. Bouverie 28 Flat Nr. 6, Il Gzira, GZR 1220

Free Internet

per night
~15.97744 €

Astra Hotel, Sliema, Malta
127 Graham Street, Sliema, SLM 1605

Free ParkingFree InternetSwimming pool

per night
~15.97744 €

Sliema Chalet Hotel, Sliema, Malta
117 Tower Road, Sliema, SLM 1605

Airport shuttleFree InternetNo Smoking Rooms

per night
~15.97744 €

Sehr gut
Roma Hotel, Sliema, Malta
Ghar Il - Lembi Street, Sliema, SLM 1562

per night
~15.97744 €

White Dolphin Complex, St Paul's Bay, Malta
Qawra Road, St Paul's Bay, SPB1904

Free ParkingNo Smoking RoomsSwimming pool

per night
~15.97744 €

Two Pillows Boutique Hostel, Sliema, Malta
49 Triq San Piju V, Sliema, SLM 1423

Airport shuttleFree ParkingFree InternetNo Smoking Rooms

per night
~15.97744 €

Relax Inn Hotel, St Paul's Bay, Malta
Halel Street, St Paul's Bay, SPB 2528

Free ParkingNo Smoking Rooms

per night
~16.91729 €

Cornucopia Hotel

Doppelzimmer, 1Erw.1731
Doppelzimmer, 2Erw.3259
Doppelzimmer, 3Erw.4485

per night
Seashells Resort at Suncrest (ex: The Sol Suncrest)

Doppelzimmer, 1Erw.20213441
Doppelzimmer, 1Erw., Meerblick22294243
Doppelzimmer, 1Erw., seitl. Meerblick30769551
Doppelzimmer, 1Erw.+1Kind, Meerblick334555
Doppelzimmer, 2Erw.355978
Doppelzimmer, 2Erw., Meerblick5985103
Doppelzimmer, 2Erw., seitl. Meerblick334555
Doppelzimmer, 3Erw.965682109
Doppelzimmer, 3Erw., Meerblick6375101126
Doppelzimmer, 3Erw., seitl. Meerblick85149
Doppelzimmer, 4Erw., Meerblick135220
Doppelzimmer, Superior, 1Erw.31183140
Doppelzimmer, Superior, 2Erw.6281
Doppelzimmer, Superior, 3Erw.88152
Doppelzimmer, Superior, 4Erw.111196
Einzelzimmer, Meerblick405362
Einzelzimmer, Superior, 1Erw, Meerblick455363
Einzelzimmer, Superior, teilw. Meerblick425363
Familienzimmer, 1Erw.385160
Familienzimmer, 2Erw.7193113
Familienzimmer, 2Erw., 3P98129156
Familienzimmer, 2Erw., 3P, Meerblick88110145152
Familienzimmer, 2Erw., 4P133176210
Familienzimmer, 2Erw., Meerblick6279105104
Familienzimmer, 4Erw., Meerblick111150198196
Suite, 1Erw.385160
Suite, 1Erw., Meerblick83110
Suite, 2Erw.7196113
Suite, 2Erw., Meerblick79105122
Suite, 3Erw.98137162
Suite, 3Erw., Meerblick229110148174
Suite, 4Erw.133178210
Suite, 4Erw., Meerblick294402
Villa, 1Erw.516373

per night
Blue Sea Bugibba Hotel & Apartments, St Paul's Bay, Malta
Triq It-Turisti, St Paul's Bay, SPB1025

Airport shuttleFree ParkingFree InternetNo Smoking RoomsSwimming pool

per night
~17.85714 €

Bayview Hotel & Apartments, Il Gzira, Malta
143 The Strand, Il Gzira, GZR 1026

Airport shuttleFree ParkingFitness / GymNo Smoking RoomsSwimming pool

per night
~17.85714 €

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